Digital Brandbook

Design Guidelines

A comprehensive manual outlining the Rubio Monocoat Brand

The Rubio Monocoat Brandbook is comprised of 53 pages. It outlines in detail such diverse topics as our mission and values, icons and visuals, photography, colours, typography, print guidelines, exhibitions and more.

The Brandbook is an essential tool when dealing with any form of online or offline visual communication. Therefor, it is strongly recommended that you as a dealer, and/or your graphics department, study it thoroughly.

A better, consistent, instantly recognizable brand will be the result — and that is what we ultimately strive to achieve by providing you with this document.

Keep in mind that neither importers nor dealers have the right to:

  • Use our brand as their identity, domain, etc. This applies to both their online and offline presence.
  • Act as Rubio Monocoat.
  • Present themselves as the Rubio Monocoat official distributor of the concerning country or region (only applicable for dealers).
Moreover, importers/dealers cannot sell non-Rubio Monocoat products or traded products as part of a Rubio Monocoat branded webshop.